Meet Kelly Morgan.

He has one foot in child welfare. One in juvenile justice. Both feet in trouble.

Meet Sam Murry. He lives a quiet, orderly existence, alone—just how he likes it. But when a judge sends a skinny, young kid to be in his charge, that life gets turned inside out, leaving his heart uncomfortably and irretrievably exposed.

What happens when not just a decent kid, but an extraordinary one falls into the clutches of the juvenile justice system? Debut novelist, Vicki Reed, relies on decades spent working in the field to craft this inspiring story of loss and redemption. A powerful novel that shows how the transformative power of friendship, kindness, and love can heal the deepest wounds.

Debut novel from Vicki Reed available now from Soaring Wings Press

(Second edition paperback)

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“As my pulse returns to near normal, I think about this red-letter day. Once again, for the second time in less than two years, my life has drastically changed. And I’m only twelve years old.”

Vicki Reed paints a vivid picture of the way our correctional system often fails to support children while valuing control over the cost of rehabilitation. She also reveals the strengths that can emerge when adults within the system step up to guide youth through hard times and trauma. Reed’s ability to capture the absurdities of our criminal justice system through the eyes of a teen will make you laugh, cry, and advocate for reforms.

Marcy Mistrett, CEO, Campaign for Youth Justice