Welcome to my website and blog.

Many thanks to my great designer, Kimber Gray, for developing this for me. I’m excited to have a way to connect with readers about my books as well as the other things near and dear to my heart: juvenile justice reform, foster care and other at-risk kids, native plants, hiking, biking, and of course, horses. For this first post, I also want to do a couple of shout outs. First to Mary Knight, my writing mentor and author of the award winning YA novel “Saving Wonder”, who helped me bring The Car Thief to life. And also to Charles Appelstein, author of No Such Thing as a Bad Kid. As a huge fan of his work (he spent 40 years in the trenches working with kids so he knows what he’s talking about) it was a thrill to get his wonderful endorsement. Check out his book and sign up for one of his webinars. You won’t be disappointed.

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