2021. New York Review of Books and more

In December it was exciting to see The Car Thief in the holiday edition of the New York Review of Books. Meanwhile, the work is ongoing for the switch from self-published book to published book (by Soaring Wings Press). Once this is finished (anytime now) the hope is to get into libraries and bookstores (most do not accept self-published books). Car Thief is still available on Amazon. This winter, COVID prevents any in-person appearances but I am pleased to have been asked by so many book clubs to zoom with them. Such socializing! I went wild and even put on jewelry:). In addition to clubs in Kentucky, I’m scheduled for one in Florida Washington DC, and Ohio. It’s great to be able to see and answer questions from readers. Many are as interested in the process as the book itself. Did you know 80% of people say they’d like to write a book? These days it’s possible for anyone to do so (although only 1% do:). Stay warm and safe this month.

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