Want to go behind the scenes of The Car Thief? Check out the podcast from the Global Center for Women and Justice

A few weeks ago the Global Center for Woman and Justice released the podcast they recorded with me about, among other things, how and why I wrote The Car Thief . I had the honor of being the first fiction writer to ever be featured by their worthwhile organization and the podcast went out to 121 countries! There were no prepared questions so I just answered, off the cuff, he questions posed by their director, Dr. Sandra Morgan. Her questions were insightful and I thoroughly enjoyed talking with her and providing information about Kelly and the adults who come to his rescue. Equally gratifying was knowing she had become such a fan of the book. It hit a chord with her because runaways often become involved in human trafficking. Please feel free to check it out on my website vreedauthor.com. Just hit menu, then the arrow next to “The Car Thief”, select “press” from the dropdown options, and you can access it there. Hope everyone is enjoying beautiful spring weather. Warm regards, Vicki.

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