Looking for Book Clubs.

Book clubs are so fun. I’ve enjoyed every one I’ve done and with zoom, I can go anywhere. Thanks to the person in Venice, Florida who put her tablet to the window so I could watch the sun set over the ocean! 🌊 I find that folks enjoy hearing about how The Car Thief came to be and the whole writing/publishing process almost as much as the book itself. When we do talk about the book, one of my favorite questions is “Did you go to the back of the book and read the ending before finishing?” Usually there’s at least one or two people who did and the reaction from the group is enjoyable. The ones, the majority, who read straight through are rather horrified. But I stick up for the people who “cheated” as this is something I very commonly do too. I read two books written in first person where the narrator unexpectedly (I mean, come on, it was in FIRST PERSON) died and I vowed never again:) If any of you reading this can hook me up with a book club, please email me at vreedauthor@gmail.com. I’m setting a goal of doing 20 (inspired by another author who set a larger goal of 100) by the end of the year and any help is appreciated! Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. 😎

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